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Our platform is not similar to a dozen other offerings. It is unique. You get the most comprehensive playbook of breach and attack methods in the industry. You can run SafeBreach safely in production without impacting services and applications and scale intelligently. And our platform is very easy to use. 


Technical Enablement

For ensuring your success, we provide in-depth technical training and access to the solution engineering team and customer success. We train you to become SafeBreach experts so you can answer all customer questions, including the most advanced. You also have access to technical resources and a large library of product training videos.


Go-To-Market Support

We support your sales and marketing success. We provide sales enablement training live and on-demand and field level support for customer engagements, and deal registration. Our marketing team helps you strategize your next campaign and we engage in joint marketing programs to help you drive new business.

Having over 130 disparate security tools in play at once made it humanly impossible to be effective with all of them. With SafeBreach we were able to reduce risk dramatically, cutting infiltration success rates from 85% to just 12% across the entire attack surface.

— Major Telco, Principal Security Engineer



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